About Tobias McVey


I’m Tobias, a political scientist who works with product development.

I have worked primarily as an analyst and since transitioned into the role of a developer since my own interest and demand among employers led me deeper into the technology stack.

I started working in the technology sector at Opera Software in 2011 as a business analyst, and left Opera in summer of 2016. Since then I worked as a consultant for 3 years until I joined the Norwegian government in the summer of 2019.

Throughout these years I developed my technical skills as a programmer, my business understanding as an analyst and my leadership skills as team lead, project manager and advisor to different companies.

I helped several companies build and improve their products, plan and test features with user feedback from surveys and statistics, and helped them improve their marketing and distribution globally. I’ve had the privilege of working with web browser development, online stores and now government services. Thanks to my love for storytelling and decent tutoring skills I helped companies understand how they can use data for their needs.

My interest in statistics and philosophy give me an advantage for finding good ways to frame problems into questions and developing solutions. My education in economics and political science have been helpful in understanding organizational structure and my role in helping organizations continually develop and adapt to achieve their strategies.

I’m a lifelong optimist who believes in the importance of mixing different methods to solve challenges in life.